A passionate reader. A sometimes writer.

Ever since I learned to read, books have been my constant companions. My first furniture purchase as an adult was a bookshelf. The bed I bought 2 months later when I could afford it. And so I would have a comfortable place to read.

I read everything. To be more accurate, there isn’t much I won’t read. Perhaps a technical treatise on string theory I would pass on, but I happily read books of just about every genre.

I do have favorites, though. Childrens’ books and young adult novels are a favorite genre, as is fantasy/science fiction and popular fiction. I think these genres collide and coalesce in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, which happen to be particular favorites of mine.

Lately, I have been enjoying steampunk and speculative fiction, and some fascinating non fiction. I am a member of 2 terrific book groups that read fabulous and not-so-fabulous books, but the discussions are always superb. I will often write about book choices from these groups, the AMBC (Awesome Members Book Club) – and they are AWESOME – and my other equally awesome and passionate reading group which I will refer to as the PTA Refugees.

Please feel free to message me about books you are reading, or wonder if I have read. I am always on Goodreads, and you are welcome to look for me there.

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  1. Tim Symonds

    I’ve just had a really nice review of my latest novel, just out – can I send you a review copy hot off the press too? Best wishes, Tim Symonds

    Dear Tim Symonds, I wanted to let you know that my review of your book Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter has been published on the In Serbia website. The review in full can be found here:


    I very much enjoyed reading your novel and, as I stated in detail in my review, enjoyed and appreciated the vast amount of detail you’d included. Given that there are television shows like Sherlock (BBC Wales) and Elementary (CBS America) out there rewriting and drastically recasting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s noble characters into absurd modern variants, it was a most welcome change to read a work of fiction that was faithful to the real basis of these classic characters. I wish you the very best with your writing in the future.


    Mike Walker

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